October 10, 2018
Angels. VCs. Corporate venture. When you start your company from scratch, you must fund operations. Here in Boston you can’t avoid countless suggestions from your peers and others that you should raise capital from outsiders. But do you need to?
What does Bootstrap mean for you?
Under $1M. Angel, friends of family.
What do you think about crowd funding?
Generally good source, especially for consumer products if you don't want to give up shares.
Do you have to learn the legal side?
Co-founder? You will need to be willing to give up a big size of the business.
How do you project without the help of a CFO?
Talk to your peers - other founders. accelerators, mentors and software
How many accelerators?
Pick smartly. Find where you are and match the accelerator. You will get out what you put i n.
How do you build a team?
Risk based on insecurities. Someone who fits into the company cultures. Passion vs skill set. Traction.